Where there is a question,
there is a way.

Mighty Byte is unique; We wear multiple hats.


Sometimes we try to solve a business model puzzle. Or a socio-cultural issue. Or craft a brand vision that’s consisent with the environment.


Many a time we come in and tinker with a service delivery space or tweak the packaging philosophy that is earth conscious or gender conscious.


To ensure that when we wake up we can afford our coffee, or to ensure our spirits remain creative we do the usual advertising campaigns that involve designing, filmmaking, music composition, animation, annual reports designing and formatting, and sometimes just FB posts or price tags too. We are media agnostic and work in noth digital and traditional realms.

A technical way of
saying what we do:

We have customised all our services so that they become right
for you and your company. We will do the work so that you
can focus on what matters more.


Diagnose Business Problems


Develop Business Strategy


Plan & Buy Media — Digital/Traditional


Craft & Design Architecture, Identity, Story, Visual Guidelines etc.


Write/Direct/Craft Audio-Visuals


Design Problem Specifc Solutions

Some entities that paid us well...enough